Renaming product data tabs in WooCommerce

// PHP

What it does

Here we will rename three tabs from the single-product page in WooCommerce. Just comment-out or delete any rows that you don’t want to rename.

The Code

add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_tabs', 'guyPrimavera_rename_woo_tabs', 99 );
function guyPrimavera_rename_woo_tabs( $tabs ) {

	$tabs['description']['title'] = __( 'More Information' );		// Description tab
	$tabs['reviews']['title'] = __( 'Ratings' );				// Reviews tab
	$tabs['additional_information']['title'] = __( 'Product Data' );	// Additional information tab

	return $tabs;


How To Use It

Paste this snippet into your theme's functions.php or in a WordPress plugin.